2019 Will Disappoint You If You Don’t Prepare For It.

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2018. The year of great struggle. Crazy enough – I felt the exact same way
in 2017. And if I am honest, I felt the same way in 2016, 2015, 2014, etc. I
couldn’t wait for the year to end because the New Year would be a fresh start.

However, many seem to think that celebrating the beginning of a new year will change everything for them. That their life will somehow drastically alter into the dream life they have always imagined.

And every year, hundreds of thousands of people are disappointed at some point within the first few months of the new season.

This isn’t because of failed “New Year Resolutions.” That is only a portion of the problem. 

When people go into the New Year they don’t prepare for the change that is needed to start off a new season on the correct foot.

It’s so much fun celebrating with our friends and family – watching the ball drop and experiencing a parade of fireworks and music. Then we go to sleep waking up to the same world we left in the year prior.

We can create as many New Year Resolutions as we would like, but if we don’t fuel our desire to achieve the changes we wish to see then we will be among the thousands who become disappointed.

Before the close of the year we need to say goodbye to bad relationships
that hold us back and discourage us from doing better and moving forward.

Before the close of the year we need to practice how we think and create
positive thoughts that alter our outlook. The world isn’t going to change – we need to change how we see the world.

Before the close of the year we need to clean out the clutter that exists in
our life: at home, at work, in relationships, with family, etc. Get rid of what you don’t need, apologize and forgive, and drop habits that control you (which take time).

Do you really want to start another New Year prepped for disappointment, or do you really want to see what the New Year has for you?

It’s up to you.


Jennie Laureen

Photo by Zoe Ra on Unsplash