Sugar is disgusting.

Right now I am going through this “21 day challenge” and it isn’t that hard – it’s frustrating. According to this diet my entire pantry needed to be thrown out.

But, let’s get real. Who is going to throw out their entire pantry? Sure, I threw out the worst there was for me – the snacks, the sweets, the sodas, etc. BUT, I did not toss my Bisquick because I LOVE pancakes. I also didn’t toss my jiffy mix boxes – uh, I love muffins!

I have not touched them over the past 14 days. They are sitting there. Waiting patiently for me.

On this diet I am not allowed to have: any form of sugar, have any form of grain or bread, or fruits (other than berries and the granny smith apple), dairy, processed foods, or meat and chicken that weren’t cage-free. Of course there is some leniency because I can’t afford all that, but I do try!

In all honesty, I am so glad I did this challenge. I wasn’t looking to lose weight – I am super happy and satisfied with the way I look (other than my arms – of course no one likes the flab under them), but I lost 8 pounds!

And i’m sitting here like “where did those 8 pounds come from?” I mean 8 pounds people?!? Have you seen what 8 pounds of fat looks like?

Well, below is 5 pounds – that’s gross.

Overall, I feel better. I have more energy, I can actually stay up past 9pm (don’t judge me), and I get more work done in a day.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t tempted. During the first few days of this challenge, there were freakin cookies in the office. I, legit, had an inner self-battle to not eat the cookie. One side of me would say “it’s just a cookie – it’s not going to kill you,” and the other would say “what’s the point of a challenge if you can’t stick with it?”

Thankfully, everybody finished off the cookies before I ate one. I laugh at myself now because it was a struggle. Haha – OVER A COOKIE!

The way I view this “diet” is not a diet anymore. It’s more of a lifestyle. You don’t realize how much sugar is in everything you buy until you carefully read the ingredients label. I was shocked.

I plan to go past the 21 days on this challenge- because it makes me feel great! Plus – I don’t want all the sugar constantly in my body.

Regardless – I plan on having pancakes the morning this challenge ends.

Jennie Laureen




Photo by Otto Norin on Unsplash



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