Eve is her name

I wrote this poem several years back in an attempt to sum up Eve’s plight with being the first sinner in God’s creation – to experience her pain, her emptiness, and her shame. But to overall see her as a victorious child of God. She is the first of us all to overcome her shame – her sin.


A beast within — hidden away from the light

A screaming voice inside grasping for insight

Words cease to pray within her plight

A symphony of dark sound – lost from sight

Crevasses of empty hollows

Peaks of hope shattered

Numbed in heart and soul

Within the pit lay hard stone

Naked and ashamed – utterly exposed

Tears of wretched hunger — hidden in the shadows

A bulb emerges within the black gallows

Whispers of aspiration drench her soul

Weak and worn reaches she that fears

However in faith she comes

She begs for help — her voice in plea

Mighty and brave the one who creates, the mighty He

Reaching out to her, to her who prays for thee

Insecure and afraid — no more she sees

Arising to birth the little small Cain

Eve is her name; the first to fall

Satan is he who creeps in the dark

He shadowed her mind – tricked her pure heart

Causing lost hope – causing God and she to part

Eden is gone, almost lost from the start

But God gave Eve a child – a pure work of art

She gave a generation; a generation to sing

A generation that brought us Mary

Mary who birthed a Savior for us — the us who fell like Eve

But Eve came out of that shame

She came out of all the blame

Lucifer whispers, but she knows

A lesson learned. A lesson forever told

Over comer is she, the she who is Eve


The first over comer that we all have seen


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